The NorthStar Youth Apprenticeship Program is designed to help students 16 and older to begin to make a successful transition to the world-of-work.

Each year students have an opportunity to apply for on campus work in the school's cafeteria, helping with building maintenance, assisting in the classroom with younger students and keeping the school grounds clean.

Students are placed in job assignments that will help meet Individual Educational Program (IEP) goals. In addition to learning pre-vocational skills, students have an opportunity to practice social skills and gain greater self-esteem. To continue in the job students must have 1) good school attendance, 2) appropriate behavior, and 3) good academic grades.

Work time is 30 - 60 minutes each day. Students are supervised by staff members and paid a minimum wage by the NorthStar program. The NorthStar Vocational Coordinator keeps parents informed of the student's job performance and meets regularly with each student to discuss concerns and give feedback.  Approximately 30 students have participated in the program since its inception in 2006.