The PersonBrain ™ Model

Using Neuroscience to Connect with Children and Youth

Designed specifically for those who work with children and youth, The PersonBrain™  Model provides a high quality, multi-theoretical training approach that combines neuroscience with positive and practical mental health interventions. Drawing on social, emotional, ecological and neuro-relational sciences, this innovative model incorporates promising approaches that will transform how adults work with children and youth forever!

Combining the neurosciences with mental health strategies is only natural and makes perfect sense...after all, we are our life experiences and our brains absorb these experiences and respond to the environment in some way, either positively or negatively. In order to change lives, we must change the brain. In fact, successful therapy occurs when you change the brain for the better!

 Understanding the Brain Empowers Adults with Critical Skills

When caring adults understand the design and function of the brain, behavior is easier to understand and treat with positive strategies. When adults fail to understand the reactions produced by the brain, they often become frustrated and feel unable to work with challenging scenarios. When this happens, children are left without the support and guidance they need. They are essentially left "untreated".

Treatment must first begin with brain-based understanding of the nature of behavior and this understanding is essential to transforming children and youth to their fullest potential. As people and their brains are constantly connecting to the ecology around them, trained adults must shape the people and events within the ecology to meet the needs of the brain. We become critical elements of change in the life of the child or youth.

The role of the helping adult is critical and with PersonBrain knowledge, adults will have the skills necessary to feel confident and effective with challenging youth. This model explores practical ways adults can shape experience by shaping the ecology and naturally increase therapeutic success for children and youth experiencing problems such as:

 Aggression · Depression · Anxiety · Autism · Defiance · Trauma · Anger · Attachment · Social Skills

The PersonBrain™ Model is comprehensive and innovative.

Participants will be exposed to practical knowledge and strategies steeped in neuroscience that will improve the lives of children and youth. Participants will explore concepts and applications that will enhance their professional skills and provide tools necessary for successful intervention. Techniques from The PersonBrain Model are being utilized around the world to transform child and youth care work.