The NorthStar program provides a variety of educational opportunities and experiences which are paramount in the development and improvement of student achievement. Standards-based classrooms combined with a variety of effective teaching techniques help teachers meet the needs of individual students.

Since a large number of students come to the NorthStar program with a reading and/or math deficit, curriculum initiatives focus on the improvement of student performance on state standardized tests in the areas of reading and math. The emphasis of the curriculum in the elementary and middle school grades is on literacy with a focus on the five areas of reading that are central to reading achievement and an emphasis on math computation and procedural knowledge with a focus on problem solving. This is accomplished through providing professional learning and ongoing support to all staff members. The focus of professional learning is on state standards curriculum, and effective instruction. The NorthStar program uses Singapore Math as its primary math program in grades K-6. All staff members have been trained in Singapore Math and many of the Singapore Math strategies are implemented when needed to support math in the middle and high school classrooms as well. The elementary curriculum integrates language arts with science and social studies while technology is emphasized and integrated across all disciplines in all grades levels. The high school program implements the DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice) curriculum which is based on the Georgia Performance Standards.

In order to monitor student learning and to refine instruction, NorthStar Implements the ISTEEP (System To Enhance Educational Performance). This progress monitoring program provides additional testing which allows teachers to closely monitor each student's individual progress and provide frequent feedback. The progress monitoring allows teachers to monitor how effective instructional strategies are which enables them to modify and individualize instruction for each student.

The NorthStar program incorporates critical aspects of classroom instruction and assessment that will reinforce best practice and will support and strengthen the academic development of our students.